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Konnichi Wa!  Welcome to the Sakura Dojo
This is the site for Sean Holland's freelance and professional role-playing game related writing and work.

Who am I?
I am a long time gamer, starting with wargames and the original D&D game back in 1977.  My primary focus is role-playing games.

Since 2003, I have been seriously involved in writing for the industry as a freelancer.  I have written for multiple systems and for publishers of products in both print and electronic mediums.  As AEG’s D20 Rules Maven I was  involved in producing more than ten books including the World’s Largest Dungeon and the upcoming World’s Largest City.

Currently I am doing freelance work and acting as a staff reviewer for RPGNow.

What is here?
My writer's and editor's resume.  As time and energy allows, I will post up writing samples.

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