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Writer's and Editor's Resume


BA in History with a Minor in Philosophy from the University of Portland (Portland, OR), graduated cum laude.

On permanent hiatus from obtaining my MA in History from the University of Georgia (Athens, GA).

Military history is one of my secondary subjects in my studies.


Excellent grasp of the D&D/D20/Pathfinder rule set and game balance issues.

Experienced and fluent with a wide range of games and rules systems.

Good rules/system editor, focusing on playability and game balance.

Experienced RPG player and GM. Decades of experience as a player, slightly less as a Games Master.

Primary writer at the Sea of Stars RPG Design Journal.

Writing Credits:

Dragon Magazine  "In the Heat of the Fight" #127, p. 46-7. Article on AD&D combat under adverse conditions.

Different Worlds Magazine Reviews of Flashing Blades, Parisian Adventures and others.

White Wolf (later White Wolf/Inphobia) Magazine Hero Games Line Reviewer and other reviews.

Grey Worlds magazine. Writer: Several articles on the Broken Lands, a fantasy setting for ICE's Rolemaster, detailing the various states of the region, their politics and interaction.  Article for ICE's Cyberspace detailing new programs and reality filters.

Role Master Companion VII. Writer: several new magic items.

GURPS Space Bestiary by Steve Jackson Games.  Three creatures: Psi-screamer, Psi-tiger, Screen Mouse.

Creatures of Orrosh for TORG by West End Games.  Four Creatures: Hexaphim, Tauntor, Throat, Whisperer.

FEATS (for any D20 game) by AEG.  Additional writing, play-testing and advice.

European Commonwealth (for Spycraft) by AEG.  Additional assistance.

RELICS (D20), WILDS (D20), EMPIRE (D20), and SECRETS (D20) by AEG. Play-testing and advice.

Silven Trumpeter e-zine, Issues 4-19 and Vol 4, Issue 3-4. Staff Writer for the Monthly Column- Through the Lens of History: Using History for Better Gaming

GUILDS (D20) by AEG. Writer: guild equipment, new uses for old skills, new feats, new clerical domains, new spells, arcane order of the mithril star,
short sample guilds.

ADVENTURE (D20), Vol 1 and Vol 2, by AEG. Writer: general clean up and expansion of the original adventures.

Born on the 8th Day (D20) for Devil's Workshop/Louis J. Porter Design. Author: fleshed out the system used from an idea by LJ Porter, Jr.

World's Largest Dungeon (D20) by AEG. Writing and more, every stat block in this book was either written or vetted by me. The harpies, mummy queen and the lich are the longest sections I actually wrote all of, though I edited and clarified other sections as well.

Libem Liborium : The Complete d20 Guide to Books by Silven Publishing. Assistance with material and mechanics, Printer's Devil and Print Golem.

D20 Filtered, Issue 2 & 3 (final issue). Staff reviewer.

Unorthodox Knights by The Le Games. Primary author: the five new base classes.

Template Trove 2: Aberrations and Oozes by Silverthorne Games. Contributing author: stat blocks, descriptions and minor editing.

17 Magic Weapons17 Magic Armors, and 17 Magic Cloaks by The Le Games. Additional writing.

D6 Adventure Creatures by WEG. Writer: Carrion-eating mammals, great cats, gadgeteers, headless entities, homin-insects, small predatory mammals, (European) soldiers, tauntors.

DriveThruRPG. Staff reviewer.

Suck Da Head, Squeeze Da Tail - Cajun Arcana by Dog Soul Publishing. New Moon Snake.

NPCyclopedia: Psionics by Silven Publishing. Writer: Karas Thorn, half orcish egoist (psion).

Monsters of Twilight: Curse Monsters by Silven Publishing. Mechanics Editor.

Secret Societies by Silven Publishing. Mechanics Editor.

Warlords of the Accord Lands: The Master Codex, The Campaign Adventure Book, Monsters and Lairs, and The World Atlas (D20) by AEG. Additional writing, play-testing and advice. Uncredited for the Devernian Camp and the Frosthell Mine in Monster and Lairs.

Adapts of the Arcane for M&M by Big Finger Games. Game Mechanics

World's Largest City (D20) by AEG. Writer: Guards District, Warehouse District.

Creatures of Rokugan 3rd Edition by AEG. Writer: a variety of creatures, including six of the seven Oni Lords.

Greenbaum's Prison: A Trip to Hell by LichHaven Games. Editor.

Kenneth Hite's Adventures into Darkness. Part of the team that provided M&M statistics.

Johnn Four's Roleplaying Tips #412. Holiday Adventure Idea: Celebration of the Kitchen Wall.

Nevermet Press. Red Harvest, The Scion of Spring and Azania Toysmith: Dwarven Clockworker.  Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom, contributor.

Headless Hydra Games. Wizard's Path I & II  fiction and support, author and rules expert for Eldritch Secrets (Vol 1), author for Mor Aldenn Creature Compendium.

Sea of Star RPG Design Journal. My gaming-related online journal

"Playing Chess in New Persopolis" in Steam-Powered II: Lesbian Steampunk Anthology.

Third Section (Monastery of the Winds) in Scenes from the Empire 20 storyline fiction for the Legend of the Five Rings setting.

Armchair Games. Weird AdventuresProofreader.

Strongholds of the Empire for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG by AEG. Nikesake section.

The Gods of Porphyra by Purple Duck Games.  Lythalia, goddess of politics and poison, and Ul'Ul, goddess of dance and madness.

Items of Power and Ambition by Purple Duck Games.  Author.

Atlas of Rokugan by FFG.  Unicorn, Monks and Unaligned sections.

Lands of Porphyra Campaign Setting (PFRPG) by Purple Duck Games.  Several of the country sections.

Petty Gods: Revised and Expanded Edition by New Big Dragon Games Unlimited.  Dinud (petty god of shields & shield-makers, and eggs, egg contents & egg-layers).

Legend of the Five Rings RPG by Fantasy Flight Games (now EDGE).  Family and school descriptions.

Skwirl's Wild Shape Cards–Core Set of 50 by Aaron Miller Illustration.  Statblock vetting, additional optional powers and five new animals statblocks.

Amazing Universe Adventure: Axis of Enemies (Super-Powered by M&M) by LPJ Design.  Co-writer.

Tactical Doctrine: Troll King - For Dungeons & Dragons by ChamomileHasAdventures.  Editor.

Upcoming books that I have worked on:

Sea of Stars Campaign Setting.

Other game design/writing/application experience:

Play-tester for Hunter: the Reckoning (White Wolf), Blue Rose (Green Ronin), Etherscope (Goodman Games), Edge of Midnight (Edge of Midnight Press), and Legend of the Five Rings Alpha, Path of Waves, Sins of Regret, Fields of Victory and Blood of the Lioness (Fantasy Flight Games, now EDGE).

Chief Whip (Assistant Editor) for the MOTiVE APA, 1997-2004.

Catalyst Demo Team, 2009-current, GenCon Team 2024.

AEG GenCon Demo Team, 2000-2022, AEG RPG Captain at GenCon 2011-5.

Double Exposure Envoy, 2016-current.  Other Demo team work.

Writing samples available upon request.

Industry References available upon request.

Unfortunately, all of my early source material is packed away so I can not give issue numbers or article names beyond what is listed above.

Note that the DriveThruRPG links above are affiliate links and if you purchase through them I will earm a small amount of money.

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